I'm a Material Girl

I called shoes.com this morning and had the lovely customer service representative delete my order for these and a pair of Sauconys and Etnies so I could overnight the sandals. Ground shipping is free, but I have to have these by Saturday or the fabric of time will rip. I have managed to orchestrate a dinner for Father's Day with my dad, my sister, Mike's dad, and Mike's sister. Mike's mom died almost two years ago and my mom is not, shall we say, "with it". Anyway, we've been together a year this month (how gay am I) and our pops have not hung out. They're both humorous functional alcoholics who enjoy cigars so I decided that a meeting is overdue. We're going here for dinner because my dad and I always go here for every occasion we can justify with dinner and wine, and it's in the neighborhood where we all grew up, so I wanted to go to a different place. So I'm predictably becoming increasingly neurotic about the whole situation and I have to have those shoes.

On a separate matter, Cingular Wireless is a cleveland steamer loving, hypocritical whore-mongering soulless machine. More on that later.