We're not going to Vegas?

I have very lucid dreams. The neurologist said this was common amongst broken-headed folk such as myself, but mine are fucking outrageous. I often dream of past events with a variety of alternate outcomes. I use to have a recurring dream that I was in high school with one class to go, but I was 27 years old. I'd wake up freaking out and then get annoyed for thinking it was real. My favorite dreams have cameos of old friends and family. The other people never have faces, but I always know who they are. I've been dreaming of my boyfriend's mother alot lately. She succumbed to cancer two years ago and I never met her, but I feel like I know her. I always wake from these smiling. And confused. On more than one occassion I've had to make a phone call and ask if an event actually occurred the way I'm recalling it. Early REM latency is the one aspect of Narcolepsy I actually enjoy. Who knew a neurological disorder could be so entertaining?


I got nuthin'

I'm hot and I feel like I can't think. I've spent this week cleaning my apartment. To actually accomplish that I need to leave the puter off so I don't lose 5 hours surfing. mike's working overtime tomorrow, so I'll probably take advantage of that and spin a yarn for you's guys while I relax in the splendor of central air conditioning. Until then, it's Friday and the sun is out. Take advantage.


spontaneous combustion

Less than one week ago the high was in the lower 60's. Today it was in the mid 90's. I have a 10th degree sunburn because my Nordic anscestry provides me with zero melanin and my profoundly heavy air conditioner is in the bed of my truck down stairs and across the street. Every window in the house is open and it feels like I'm at the DMV. Although, the lightning and thunder are very nice. And as unfortunate as the humidity level feels, it smells great. Nothing like living on the second floor with all the windows open, sitting in your underwear.