Please Stand By...

So here I am thinking about what the fuck t owrite about, as if anyone actually gives a fat one about what old Sam is contemplating.
Ok, ready?
I think he's THE ONE.
Fucking whoa.
I think I knew it way before I could admit it to myself, but yeah, I do. I deserve it. I was never looking to settle for less than what I deserve, and I certainly haven't. It's all there- the care, the humor, the attraction, the quirks. It makes my stomach flip just thinking about it. I never subscribed to the belief of fate, destiny, one true love, blah blah blah. I actually pride myself on being a cynic, and we aren't a happy people. But lo and behold, I found someone different and the same. Neat. I mean fucking-a right! The prospect of having this man in my life is the most calming feeling I've ever had, and simultaneously makes me spin into orbit. Now if only I could get the rest of my life in order, I'd be good to hook. Not a bad feeling at all, this "happy" I've heard so much about. :0)


I'm a retard

Let's briefly talk about how I'm a moron. I fucked up at work yesterday. I'm trying tnot to stress it, but I am anyway. I was supposed to be somewhere and I blew it off. Why, you ask? Because I drank too much the night before and when I woke up I said fuck it. I was snuggled up with my honey and I hate my job, not a very difficult decision to make. So I missed work because I was drinking. Good job jackass. I don't even feel bad about missing work. I just worry about the repercussions.I need to keep my shit straight.