Monkey Thursday

I was searching through Google News for the story about the gentleman who smuggled a marmoset under his hat on his way to Laguardia, and apparently my search for "monkey hat" wasn't specific enough. Lo and behold, there were two featured articles. Who knew monkeys were such a hot item?

Wanted Monkey in Madison, Wisconsin
Man Flies with a Monkey Under His Hat


Mmmm, cupcake.

I saw this gem on one of the dozens of blogs I subscribe to. It's a giant cupcake. It arrived today, and I can't wait to make one. Yum, yum, yum.
Want one?
Right here: Sur la table - Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan


Here is one of the ways I'm blowing money (preparing) for the engagement party:

Mini paper lanterns with cherry blossom design. We're hanging them above the deck. Precious, aren't they?


Money, That's What I Want

It's a good thing my father and future father-in-law are kind and generous. I've spent a bit of my own dough already, and this is just for the engagement party. We wouldn't be eating if they weren't helping. I've spent @ $160 on dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, and so on. $150 has gone to favors, which I have to say, are damn cute. I just spent $70 on lanterns to hang in the backyard. I spent @$40 on invitations and another $50 on stamps. The food, chairs, and tables aren't coming out of our money, for which I'm eternally grateful. Tables and chairs with 1 tent is going to b @$300, thanks to a wonderful friend of the family. That leaves food and booze. Good lord.

160-cutlery, etc
=$470 (I'm dry heaving)

300-chairs, tables, tent
?-food, booze