le jour de pere

Saturday was a resounding success. When I get a hold of the footage, you will all be privy to the madness. Our father's got along great. All six of us got soused on a combo of Italian wine, beefeaters Gin and tonics, and Budlight. Dinner was awesome. We finished around 8 o'clock and we all decided to find something to do.
I'm a major fan of stand-up and we wanted something where we could drink more and hang so we went here . Talk about a fucking good time. Our dad's are very "New York City" so the comedian's ragged on them the entire time. Six comedians and a two drink minimum for $15. Not too shabby. When the evening came to a close, my dad and sister left for Grand Central to hop on their train to Outer Mongolia (Putnam County), and we ventured to Penn Station to catch ours . Of course, there were a few punk asses in our car who decided to provoke Mike and his dad, almost ending up in a tussle, but Mike's sis and I were having none of that and neither were the conductors, so crisis resolved. Good times.