my indentured servitude

I have no fewer than three drafts waiting to be published and I've yet to click that little button because my job has me so damn frazzled I feel like i can barely complete a sentence. Hmm.., do you guys know this amusing asshole ? He's a jerkoff, but pretty funny at times.

OMFG, am I the only Food Network crack head? Love it, love it, love it.

Jackie, thank you for the "post something" kick in the rear. Although this isn't my a game by any stretch. My evil, devil's whore of a supervisor is at some circle jerk excuse for a training conference this weekend, so I'll most likely not have a nervous breakdown Saturday and actually set up a decent post.

Have you ever been openly criticized before?- in public by a superior who thought he was doing you a service? Fucking smug, self righteous, faux enlightened cock sucker. I know I'm hot-headed, you asshole. And defensive. Who the hell wants to hear about their tendency to cut people off in front of the people you cut off?

I'm smarter, so therefore I have talking priority. Trust me, it'll be a benefit to all of us.

Nah, just fucking around.

I am smarter than the cock sucker in charge, thank god.