Today unlike no other

This day is new. I'm the same as I was yesterday, and yet different because now I'm defined by a label. My doctor (one of the few wonderful military doctors) validated my instincts. I've always had waking issues, as opposed to sleeping issues. I got to stay at a great hospital a few weeks ago and now I am narcoleptic.
Holy shit right?
Is, Hun, am I your first? Please say yes. :)
The timing was fucking impeccable. I'm not allowed to drive (although I am), and I'm awaiting the verdict on my employment status. They'll take care of me, so I'm not too worried, however my malicious, devil's harem of a command couldn't give a shit, the fuckers.
I'm so very melodramatic. However, the boyfriend- amazing. Absogoddamlutely afuckingmazing. Now all I have to worry about is paying my bills. Good times.


New commenting

I just installed haloscan commenting, but it didn't fucking warn me that the old comments would be deleted. Bastards. I like reading comments. That's why they're there.