Getting Ready for the E-Party

I'm a reluctant diy-er. I enjoy the intimacy of hand crafted items and I get a kick out of seeing the fruits of my labor, but it's also a pain in the ass, and I have little to no personal time most days. I did decide to make favors for the engagement party, and I think they turned out very well.
I bought blue and brown m&m's from their website. I also bought small plastic bags, personalized stickers, and card stock from a favor website. After putting everything together, I found a basket in the basement, and voila. We expect to have around 100 people so I made @ 70 favors. Let's be honest, most people don't care about the favors. We aren't going crazy on decorating, so I wanted to add a few details here and there.

I'm not thrilled with the last picture. I'll take a better one this week to show what each favor looks like. Most pics here are taken with my cell phone, btw. That's my excuse.
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M&M's 22 Colors
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