Money, That's What I Want

It's a good thing my father and future father-in-law are kind and generous. I've spent a bit of my own dough already, and this is just for the engagement party. We wouldn't be eating if they weren't helping. I've spent @ $160 on dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, and so on. $150 has gone to favors, which I have to say, are damn cute. I just spent $70 on lanterns to hang in the backyard. I spent @$40 on invitations and another $50 on stamps. The food, chairs, and tables aren't coming out of our money, for which I'm eternally grateful. Tables and chairs with 1 tent is going to b @$300, thanks to a wonderful friend of the family. That leaves food and booze. Good lord.

160-cutlery, etc
=$470 (I'm dry heaving)

300-chairs, tables, tent
?-food, booze