My dreams are rarely about me. My memories also. I can recall plenty of things about my childhood in terms of environment and objects, but often not my own experiences. From infancy to about 12 years of age I lived in a one bedroom apartment. In through the front door was a long hallway. There were two closets to the left. The living room was beyond them on the right. Beyond them on the left was an alcove, my room. I had a twin trundle bed with a bookcase at the foot and an end table on the side. I think it was almost room sized. The hallway didn't continue straight on, but shifted to the right and continued. On the left was a dumbwaiter that must have been last used 30 to 40 years before. One the right was a pantry and then the kitchen. Continuing to the end of the hall was the bedroom on the right, and terminating the hall was the bathroom. The living room was pretty large by Bronx apartment standards. To the left was a television caddy corner. To the right was a large upholstered chair. The Christmas Tree would go there. On the wall next to the tv, the wall shared with the kitchen was a huge book shelf. The stereo, books, and liquor were there. Beyond that was a swinging door to the kitchen and dining room. The far wall of the living room had two windows. The love seat was between them. There were side tables on either side. On the clockwise wall was the sofa. There was a kidney shaped coffee table made of driftwood and glass. And then another side table. There were always books and magazones around, as well as my toys. Into the kitchen from the hallway. The refrigerator was to the left. Shelves lined the upper portion of the wall from the fridge to the end of the kitchen. Next to the fridge was a double sink with cabinets underneath. It was an old style double sink with one deeper sink. There was flanking couterspace. At the end of the counter was a wall that extended about one foot past. On the right side was a fllor to ceiling cabinet and then more lower cabinets with counter space. The stove/oven was next. It was gas. I never had electric until 3 years ago. At the end of the stove was another foot of counter and then another wall sort of. Into that opening was the dining room, which was on the other side of the swining door from the living room. We had a drop leaf table. On the left behind the wall was a huge plant. There was a window at the far wall. A large window with glass shelves that always had plants. The wallpaper was this metallic blue chevron design. The bathroom had a sink on the right, then the tub. The toilet was at the far end, under a window. My parents' bedroom was shag carpet. My father's dresser was on the right and then a sliding door closet. It was a decent size also. There was a window in the middle of the next wall with a desk. Then a bureau with mirror. The next wall had two windows, with the bed between. The more left window had a fire escape. We had a grill out there in the summer. I don't remember what was on the last wall.