Sam, are you in there?

Totally blew the roof off last night and unloaded on the defenseless boyfriend. He's been working to make some extra dough lately, which I have no problem with. He worked late Friday, came home, changed and we ran out the door. We saw Lewis Black perform at the North Fork Theatre in Westbury. Good stuff. I'm a huge stand up fan and Lew is one of my favorites. It took me 3 hours to drive 60 miles which was also a blast. Anyway, after the show we grabbed a few beers. Saturday rolls around and he gets up at 7am and works until 6pm. Comes home, showers, and we proceed to go to dinner and a bar with some friends for a birthday. Home around 2am, he gets up again Sunday morning, works until 3 or so and comes home. The two of us with another couple, go to the Mexican restaurant down the street (his fav) and chow down. We also drank two carafes of Margarita. Get home, rabbit hump all over the house, and he promptly falls asleep. In restrospect it's actually amusing. At the time, however, I wasn't amused. I had spent the day doing laundry and tring to find other nice things to do for him, and when he got home he apologized for not being around too much. Totally cool though, because he's working. Apparently I got my feelings hurt when we finished "fooling around" and he fell asleep on me. I finished the laundry and tried to wake him up a few times to no avail. I was so annoyed that when he did get up 2 hours later to take his contacts out, I lit into him and immediately started crying. I wonder if I'm gettingm y period this week.