the things we do for love

What is the most re-goddamn-diculous thing you've done or said for "love"? I was thinking about this the other day. I've been the biggest human doormat known to the civilized world because I thought if I proved my love than it would be reciprocated.

Top Five...

5. Didn't cut my hair for 3 years becuase he liked it that way.
4. Sold his dime bags from my locker because my school had an honor code and didn't search.
3. I flew to Phoenix- on my dime. Got closure out of it and Phoenix is pretty awesome.
2. I almost moved to Japan for Phoenix guy.


1. I paid for a trip for two to New Orleans and the angel cheated on me while we were there.

Here's your lesson for the day:

Don't cry over married guys. He's not going to pick you. And if he was, he would have already.

... The best part of my reflection session was that I realized that I haven't had to be anything but myself since I met Mike. It's the greatest feeling in the world.