I am Jack's Afterschool Special

So I'm on the road to wellness. Not only have I agreed to sit down with a by-god psychologist, I'm taking a low dose antidepressant and I'm in serious like with an amazing human being. I mean holy fucking shit, it's about time, potential having dude. Maybeit's a cruel joke and I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be all gloom and doom again. But I seriously hope not. We are very much in the zone with each other. Apparently I'm special according to him and I think he's goddamn awesome. I would make some "grand plan" adjustments if this is what I'm hoping it is. I only hope when al my icky past lives are exposed he doesn't run screaming. I've done some retarded shit, and he seems to be a pretty upstanding human. Not that I'm the fucking devil incarnate, but I feel like damged goods sometimes and I worry about that. Anyway, so yeah, this is one part of my life that is absolutely perfect. No more marriedguyunavailableemotionalissuebullshit.