I am so annoyed there are no clever titles today

I try not to use superlatives. It cheapens the meaning of my feelings.


I hate this person .

I don't hate Muslims. I don't hate Fidel Castro. I don't hate the guy who cut me off in traffic.
But this little cocksucker has got me so fucking irritated, I want to send him a letter bomb. We all know i'm a free fucking thinker. I've seen a few other "projects" of his before. Everytime he puts one up he gets verbally pummelled, he submits an apology, disappears and then he pops back up like a fucking weed. Fuck free speech. Cops and soldiers are scum according to him. I'm sure he's be quick to call a cop if someone beat the piss out of him. Fucking piece of shit.

I may know someone who may know something if anyone would want to know anything. Maybe send him a love letter or whisper sweet nothings.